Beautiful hair doesn’t have to compromise your health or the environment. At Elizabeth JJ’s on the Avenue we pride ourselves on creating fantastic hair while treading lightly on the earth. We use ethically sourced, sustainable, health conscious and environmentally friendly products to deliver amazing colours and on-point styling. These products are backed by strong ethics, quality formulations and certified organic ingredients, promoting healthy hair and a healthy environment.

Every day in the salon

We use rainwater to wash our towels (whenever we can) and dry them on the line rather than in the clothes dryer (weather permitting).

We compost all of our food waste, coffee grounds, tea leaves and even dead flowers in our worm farm. The worms then make fertiliser and compost for the garden and pot plants. Thank you worms!

Our ethically-sourced Fairtrade coffee is supplied in biodegradable packaging. Yum!

Sustainable product ranges

We have sourced and chosen to work with environmentally conscious companies, including Organic Colour Systems and Davines.

Organic Colour Systems maximise their use of naturally derived and certified organic ingredients. They ensure that their packaging is recyclable and is produced from recycled materials wherever possible. Their environmental footprint in minimised by using efficient manufacturing methods, reducing waste and energy consumption and recycling and re-purposing as much as possible. The company continue this ethos throughout their supply chain, sourcing their ingredients from reputable suppliers who prioritise environmental sustainability and their staff’s welfare.

  • 95% naturally derived and 60% certified organic ingredients
  • Vegan friendly colour, care and styling products
  • Designed to work harmoniously with the biology and structure of the hair
  • Free from ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, gluten and GMO ingredients
  • Non-aerosol styling range
  • No nasty chemical smell
  • Colours and care products are biodegradable, so can be safely washed down the sink
  • Cruelty-free (PETA and Choose Cruelty Free accredited)
  • Manufactured in the UK using ethically sourced and produced natural ingredients

Davines is committed to sustainability with an emphasis on carbon-neutral manufacturing, and the use of renewable energy sources throughout the production process. Carbon dioxide emissions generated during container manufacture are offset through forestry creation and protection projects. The ethos of Davines packaging design includes:

  • The use of recycled materials
  • The use of minimal raw material
  • The optimisation of logistics and quality control to avoid waste

Sustainable Salons

We work in partnership with Sustainable Salons to recycle or re-purpose 95% of our “salon waste” including used foil, hair clippings, excess colour products, paper, plastics and glass. The salon waste is placed in special bins and collected regularly for re-purposing. Sustainable Salons work in partnership with charities and environmental organisations and the proceeds from re-purposing the salon waste are donated to OzHarvest to provide meals for those in need.

Green Select Accreditation

We’re very proud that the salon has received Green Select accreditation from the Australian Hairdressing Council.

The Green Select accreditation recognises our efforts to minimise the salon’s footprint on the planet, while still delivering the fantastic hair and service that our clients expect and deserve.

Sustainable products and partnerships

Organic Colour Systems

All OCS packaging is recyclable. The colour & home care bottles are made from 100% & 50% recycled material respectively.

Sustainable Salons

We partner with Sustainable Salons to re-purpose 95% of our salon waste.